I now have peace of mind thanks to B-9 Fire - 18/12/2015

I have always been very worried about the fire risk from the number of power supplies that I have in my office that feed electrical equipment that have to be kept switch on. I have heard terrible stories of fires being caused by these and have wanted to do something especially as I have the office in my own home.

After seeing Steve present the Flame Seeker system I knew my fears could be allayed and that there was a solution that could help me sleep (safely) at night. I recently had it fitted by Wayne from B-9 Fire. He advised on the best setup and made sure that it was installed correctly and in the best position.

Now if the worst should happen, the system would automatically extinguish a fire in my office and also sound an alarm.

I now have peace of mind thanks to B-9 Fire.

David Taylor, West Sussex Websites

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