Marine Fire

B-9 Fire Protection Limited are proud to supply, install and service, Flameseeker, FM-200, clean gas detection and surpression systems. These can be supplied as owner installation system or one of our qualified engineers can install them for you. We believe these systems are the most cost effective way to protect your pride and joy 24/7.

Flameseeker systems are predominantly for engine bay/rooms but can also protect fuel tanks, heating systems, battery chargers, batteries, bow thrusters or any other area where fire could break out.

Please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation quote for your boat.

Why FM-200 Automatic Fire Protection?

The most widely accepted and safest fire extinguishing agent available in today's market, FM-200 delivers optimum extinguishing performance operating primarily by removing heat energy from a fire and inhibiting combustion. A clean, gaseous vapour, FM-200 produces no messy foam or powder residue, leaving sensitive electronics, radar equipment, and the engine itself fully operational. This results in some insurance companies offering lower rates for vessels fitted with a FM-200 extinguishing system.


Recognized as the premier replacement for Halon, FM-200 enjoys worldwide acceptance. FM-200 is the same agent used to protect sensitive computer equipment, library records and museum artifacts, FM-200 has also replaced ozone depleting CFC propellants in pharmaceutical inhalers. Non-toxic and non-corrosive, more than 70 industry toxicity test have verified the safety of its use in occupied areas.

B-9 Fire Protection Limited also supply service and maintain portable extinguishers for the boat owner so what ever your needs please call to discuss with one of our team today. 

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