What is Flameseeker FM200 Fire Detection / Suppression

Flameseeker FM200 fire detection and suppression is a waterless fire protection system. It is discharged onto the risk within seconds and suppresses the fire immediately. 

How Does Flameseeker FM200 Work

There is a common misconception that FM200 gas reduces oxygen this is not true! FM200 is a synthetic/chemical fire suppression gas and extinguishes a fire by removing the free radicals or heat elements from the fire triangle.  (Fuel Heat Oxygen)

Is Flameseeker FM200 Safe 

FM200 gas is found as an active compound as a propellant in medical inhalers.  It goes without saying that the gas FM200 is totally safe for occupied spaces with the correct fire suppression design/installation.

Why Use Flameseeker FM200 Fire Detection / Suppression

The main advantage of Flameseeker FM200 is the small amount of agent required to suppress a fire.

This means fewer extinguisher bottles, therefore less weight for your vessel to carry and less space is taken up.

Flameseeker FM200 has a tube that is connected to the extinguisher bottle and is under extinguisher pressure at all times (once the system has been installed and commissioned) If a fire breaks out the heat from the fire will soften the tube which will rupture exactly onto the hottest point of the fire. This means your vessel is protected 24hrs a day, 7 days a week even if you are not onboard.

You choose where the tube is to be run i.e. length of tube and you choose what you wish to protect.

FM200 is classed as a clean agent which means that it is safe to use within occupied spaces. The safety of FM200 fire suppression environments is proven in over a decade of real-world experience and validated by extensive scientific studies.

Flameseeker FM200 systems take up less storage space than other fire suppressants.

FM200 gas is not only a fantastic fire suppression agent, it also benefits the environment as well because FM200 does not deplete stratospheric ozone, and has minimal impact on the environment relative to the impact a catastrophic fire would have.


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Use Flameseeker from B-9 Fire Protection Ltd - the fit and forget solution for fire detection/suppression.


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